Harrison Ross Mortuary

Harrison-Ross Mortuary has always been a community leader in offering quality funerals and cremation services. Now, offering affordable flowers to our list was an easy addition. With our easy-to-use FLOWER ORDER AND DELIVERY service, you can SELECT, BUY, & DELIVER - all in one order. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or would simply like to call and order, please call us at: (888) 905-7677.

* If you are placing an order within 2 hours of the scheduled event, we recommend that you place your order by phone (323-290-9990) to ensure product availability and timely delivery of your order. Harrison-Ross and its' partners are not responsible for missed viewings and/or funeral/memorial ceremonies. If a service is missed, you will be contacted and informed where your flower order will be held. At that time, you will have 48 hours to retrieve your flowers. Again, for more information, call (323) 290-9990.